Wednesday, October 28, 2009

No. 100. The Four Courts hundredth daily painting! And what else should it be but a painting vastly different from my usual style -and not even in oils. Well; this is supposed to be a 'studies' journal and I am trying on new clothes all the time.

This particular raiment, I started last night while the telly was blaring away its usual nightly dollop of tish [that's an anagram]. I had intended to paint very loosely and also to play around with perspective. I found an old photograph I had taken back in the late eighties and worked from it. However, any resemblance to the photo ended there, my intention being to imbue my work with whatever intuition decides.

I also allowed myself a very varied palette. For example, instead of white, I used a colour called 'parchment' [how appropriate! It's a grey area...] in the Liquitex range. I've used Liquitex ever since calling into Kennedy's with the excellent English artist and illustrator, Paul Slater. Their paint does have a nice body and a broad range of colours unique to themselves. In there are: Brilliant Yellow Green; Light Green; Brilliant Blue, Cadmium Red Light and Cadmium Orange -neat from the tube.

I've always like to see pointillist work and it's a very pleasurable, forgiving technique too. It gives a romantic sun-drenched sheen which probably would be lost on many of those passing though its forbidding portals. If you don't like it, well...sue me.

Acrylics on 7"x 5" panel. Costs €135 including frame [postage, packing included for customers in Ireland]


P Nolan said...

Congrats, Oh Centimpastolian Supreme!

I'm dead impressed (and slightly humbled).

Have yourself a pint of stout!

Kevo said...

Did you just make that word up? Couldn't find it in dictionary. I'm confused!