Sunday, October 25, 2009

99. Sweet Pepper Jar

What a day -trying to tie down all the students old and new for my art classes which start again next Tuesday. There has been little time to devote to my daily studies -this one is from a few weeks ago and I'm damned if I can remember what was going through my head during the painting of it. Perhaps, 'How can I stop myself from over-working it?' or, 'I could murder a cup of tea'.

On a positive note, I received a letter from someone in Worthing, Sussex about a sketchbook that I'd left behind me in an internet café about a year ago. I had been over in Blighty to see my Godmother as she was ailing. They'd tracked me down on t'internet [naturally] and I phoned them. What lovely people. They assumed that the sketchbook may be valuable to me and they were right. It's often that my sketchbooks contain pencil-work descriptions of my raw ideas and musings, before they get worked up into paintings or illustrations. They're where the fun is and I'm often proud of them -as long as they don't contain too many advertising sketches!

Thank you Lorraine and Josh of Carewise.

Painted on 7"x 5" panel. Costs €135 including frame [postage, packing included for customers in Ireland]

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