Friday, December 05, 2008

No. 57. Milk Jug with Spoon

Oils Still Life Study on canvas panel. 7" x 5". Click here to buy this study.


I've painted this little milk jug before and it proved to be a challenge. Those little pink florets are the devil to paint when you're as obsessed with detail as I am. I lightly dabbed them in, worked around them with varying hues of grey for the white porcelain , then reworked the flowers with a warmer hue of pink as appropriate. Then I left it at that. 

Incidentally, I found the jug, which is a Roy Kirkham design, in TK Maxx. When important people come to the house for a cup of tea, this jug is taken out and the feeding trough is covered up with a tarpaulin.

You can see the setup in the second picture. I used a fair amount of Liquin hoping that it'll dry somewhat quicker than usual.

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