Tuesday, July 14, 2009

No. 87 Milk and Lemons

This is an exercise in painting white. White ceramics reflect everything around them so therefore, aren't white, if you catch my drift. The lightest paint on the palette is white, so that has to be reserved for the brightest highlight. So, everything else must be darker by a couple of degrees.

As for the lemons -there's the usual problem of describing the shadowed flesh on the slices, which I get by mixing a light yellow with a touch of ivory black and zinc white. Blimey -why am I trying to describe the colours in words? It's hard enough to do it in paint!

...and everything is darker than you think...ponder that one.

Painted on 7" x 5" panel. Costs €190 including frame [postage, packing included for customers in Ireland]

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