Wednesday, July 08, 2009

No. 82. Nectarine in a Bright Bowl

I found this little shallow bowl in a charity shop in Rathmines. Is it an ashtray? Surely not? Let's say it's a knick-knack holder, an olive dish or something that has healthier associations. It's painted on a wood panel cut by artist Richard Hearns's fair hand and gessoed by mine. It's quite pleasing to paint on such a smooth surface. Next to the dish and nectarine is a glass jug, also found amongst the knick-knacks.

On another note, my nine-year-old daughter sat for me. Normally, it's a difficult proposition, to paint a fidgety child. How William Tell ever managed to get a clear shot at the apple on his son's head, I don't know. He must have had several sons, that's all I'm saying. My daughter came up with the solution, herself: Bring in the telly/DVD combination and place it such that she can concentrate on the screen with that commitment that only children can achieve. Before you think that I'm a weak and chinless father she wanted to watch my recent purchase; namely Rolf Harris's excellent series Star Portraits. Everybody happy.

Costs €190 including frame [postage, packing included for customers in Ireland]

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