Friday, May 22, 2009

No. 80. Ratatouille for Tea

Costs €190 including frame [postage, packing included for customers in Ireland]

This is a setup that I had used during the day with some of my students. Instead of wandering off to a cafe, as if my work had finished for the day as I usually do, I decided to paint it. Just where do I get the energy from? From fresh vegetables, I say!

Tomatoes are hard work and describing them with paint can cause could just go on and on seeing more and more subtle reflections...I think I will go for that coffee, after all.

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Richard Hearns said...

'Way to go' Kevin. glad to see ‘we' your loving, loyal and learned students are not completely draining the life out of you.

Enjoying painting time with you immensely. Am picking up a lot (all good things).