Tuesday, February 24, 2009

No. 73. Peppery Dish

Oils Still Life Study on canvas panel. 7" x 5". Click here to buy this study.

While the delectable wife was off working last evening, I was left with the children, which meant trying to come up with something average that they might eat. I'm not the best cook, I'll admit. Unlike 'Er-in-doors, I merely eat to live. Volume, please -and plenty of chips. But I digress. I decided to rustle up a carrot soup, as is explained in the 'Good Housekeeping' cook-book on our kitchen shelf. I brought the youngest along on my bike to Superquinn, only to be told that the main ingredient other than carrots was sold out. There was a run on the leeks! End of my sudden and inexplicable ambition to cook. However, they did have little selection boxes of these cute chilli peppers and I bought one of those, so the trip wasn't entirely wasted.

I stress that I didn't feed them to the children, either. That would be cruel...

This little creation was cooked up in about an hour.

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