Thursday, January 22, 2009

No. 69. Chili and Red Peril

I raided the charity shops in Dublin's Camden Street again and found this dainty little vase. That's the same chili pepper from the last painting...I don't think anyone has the appetite for using it to put in food, so there's the ongoing opportunity to paint an ever-shrivelling pepper for the next couple of weeks. Or so one might think...

I was so tired after tea that I opened a can of fizz to pep myself up a bit. It wasn't the usual vile goop that allegedly gives you wings, but a different vile goop that they're trying to foist on our sugar-craving youth. My wife was given them free in some shop or other. Probably as a sweetener.  Anyway, with my new wings flapping wildly, I set this still life study up on my kitchen counter and painted while I listened to the wireless, trilled a bit and sipped a Jameson and water to try to get rid of the taste of that sweetened toilet cleaner I'd imbibed. I should have just eaten the chili pepper raw. It would've tasted better and I'd imagine it would have pepped me up for a while, too.

So how are you doing?

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