Thursday, December 11, 2008

No. 61. Nestling Aubergines

Oils Still Life Study on canvas panel. 7" x 5". Click here to buy this study.

These two shiny aubergines [isn't 'eggplant' a singularly unattractive name?] were sitting amongst all their friends in a basket in my local supermarket. Decked out in their finest rich purple livery for stardom and immortality in one of these daily paintings, only to be cruelly eaten in a frenzy of vegetable carnage that is one of my wife's ratatouilles. They don't know it yet, but they will be converted, courtesy of my metabolism, into pure painting energy. Or something else, of which I've no doubt you're thinking right now.

I chose an intense red ground for this artwork -and you can see it poking through in places on the canvas as I painted quite loosely in a kind of impressionist method. I had wanted to see how it would affect the tone and in fact, the darks of the aubergines seemed to benefit. Also, I re-used a piece of silvery patterned fabric that has appeared in a few of these studies. It all took under an hour and a half.

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