Sunday, November 30, 2008

No. 51. Twomatoes

It's become decidedly cold here, Emeraldside. My children are hoping [probably forlornly again] that there'll be snow in time for Christmas. It seldom snows to any great degree on the low ground in Ireland, courtesy of our damp maritime climate. Time to try to bring back a little sunshine with these tomatoes that were lying in the kitchen, like me - all red and embarrassed. I used a background that I've used before, only this time I turned the fabric around, so this is the reverse -a slightly lighter combination of greys. I kept the painting as loose as I could, to bring a little liveliness to the study. After some time spent blocking in the warm red tones of the tomatoes, I began to notice all kinds of reflections and shifts in warmth and coolness as they picked up the background and the white canopy of my shadowbox. I could have gone on and on but my objective this time was to capture the composition without becoming too slavish to reality.

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