Wednesday, November 05, 2008

No. 44. Ramequin and Green Olives


I bought a dozen or so of these olives a couple of days ago in order to paint them. No sooner than I got them home than my children fell upon them and devoured all but these three. It was like trying to stop a herd of thirsty buffalo at first scent of water. They have expensive tastes, my bairns -but healthy appetites! It's lucky I didn't want to paint a white truffle, that's all I'm saying.  

This was another effort to reduce my evening goggle-box watching. I recreated my setup on the kitchen table, after the evening's tea debris had been hosed off with the power-hose. I perched a chair up on top of the table for a frame to fix my warm light lamp and once again, I used 'water miscible' oils.

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